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About Mystic Revealed

A small local tour business to share this special place with visitors. It's story telling, it's history, it's amazing views, it's fun!

What We Do, Who We Are

Simply put, we’re trying to bring this special place to life with fun and informative guided tours.  We offer a variety of niche tours — Mystic is rich in history, local color, sights, sounds, stories and tastes.

My grandfather retired from the Navy and moved here in 1949, my Dad was born in nearby New London, I’ve been visiting, renting or living here on and off since the 1960’s.   Yes, the place has changed but the fundamental charm, based on Mystic’s unique location and history, remains the same.

Story telling.  Our mission is to provide small groups with an entertaining experience featuring great stories, and an inside look at the unique culture and history of Mystic.  (You’ll learn stuff!)

Scenery and homes.  The town is spread along an estuary that flows past a stunning rugged coast and into the sea.  See it with us from the best spots.

History rich:  First Europeans settled here in 1654!  Hear about Pequot Indians, English Colonization, American Revolution, whaling,  shipbuilding, rum running, bad ass sea captains and more. Signs of the history are everywhere if you know where to look.

Great local shops,  food and drink!  On these tours you can see and ‘taste’ the area by visiting the thriving culinary and arts scene.

Maritime art, galleries and shops, amazing seafood, but also craft beer, baked goods, premium rum, and a variety of local delicacies.

Why not see Mystic, Connecticut through the eyes of a local?  Get off the beaten path. Immerse yourself in the sights, smells and tastes of this seaside jewel. Mystic Revealed!

On the side I am heavily involved in pickleball and run an advisory: