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First Mystic Tour of 2021 — 3 generations!

Three generations from one family visited Mystic last weekend, and got the royal treatment!  It was a joy to “reveal” this special area.  2 grandparents, 2 parents, 3 young boys anxious to learn and explore.   All had visited the Mystic Aquarium in the past, but now were thrilled to get an insider look at the Spicer Mansion, The Mystic River Historic District, Captain’s way, Schooner Wharf and the surrounding areas.  Like many visitors during the pandemic, “just getting out” to do something was a thrill.  After months of home schooling and being cooped up,  getting out into the fresh spring air was relief.

As a special bonus, the famous Mystic Bascule Bridge went up!  (A rare occurrence before the hourly schedule starts in May).

“…We’ve visited Mystic before, but never seen it like this!  Thanks so much for a great tour…”