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Autumn in Mystic…..more vivid, less crowded.

a person riding a surf board on a body of water

Yes, the summer is our “busy time” and it’s gorgeous —- but the colors, the images, the air quality and the vistas in autumn are special.  Ask any local.  AND, you can enjoy them without the distraction of lines, crowds and traffic.  The sights, sounds, history, and scenery of Mystic become move vivid.   You’ve heard the adage “there’s no bad weather, just bad gear”?

Bundle up in your best fall layers and enjoy the beauty of Connecticut’s historic seacoast.

When you tour with a local, you get a feel for the place you just don’t get from the brochure.

Mystic Autumn

Even if the brochure these days in online.  Come check it out!  When you tour this fall you’ll see the historic district, the scenic Mystic riverfront, sea captains homes, the Mystic Seaport museum, Mystic Pizza and much much more!