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Best food experiences, Mystic local food and history tour.

Current food wisdom, which makes ridiculously good sense, is eat fresh, eat local. It’s not always possible (sorry no fresh, local fruit is grown in February in New England for instance), but it’s certainly something to shoot for. Let’s take seafood, yes lets!

Fresh local oysters are available year-round. My son works on an oyster farm, and he goes to work when the temperature is below zero and when its 100 degrees. Why? because people love oysters in Winter and they love oysters in Summer. And guess what? Oysters take 3 years to grow to maturity so they grow year round. They’re not like corn. Mussels and clams are also fresh and local even in the coldest months

Fish. More local fish is available in the summer, but there is absolutely year-round fresh local squid, fluke (flounder), cod, haddock, monkfish, and scallops. Striped bass (stripers), bluefish, swordfish and tuna are all local in summer and fall but are typically shipped in (fresh) from the Carolinas and elsewhere in winter.

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