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Family things to do in Mystic….bringing history alive

Mystic’s small size and unique character make it a place where history can be seen in a manageable way for the whole family.  The very first European explorers and settlers came to New England.  The rugged seacoast environment was harsh in some ways, but hugely attractive in others.   The stories of Indian wars, the taming of the wild, the fight for independence, the building of ships to sail the world, the riches of the sea — signs are everywhere.

Mystic has been home to great mariners, but also a place where privateers, rum runners, artists, chefs, yachtsmen, boat builders, writers and others have passed through and left their mark.


Historical sites in Mystic are abundant.  First and foremost the Mystic Seaport, home to several National Historic Landmarks,  but there are also historic homes and architecture, battle sites, lighthouses, landmarks, homesteads, and a unique coastline that has changed little since the early colonists arrived.  In New London county alone, there are over 190 places listed on the US National Registry of Historic places

If you are looking for family things to do in Mystic, consider a visit to historical sites with a guide from Mystic Revealed.  Many of the specific sites, stories and histories are outlined in other blog posts throughout this site.

For a unique walking tour, food tour, historic tour or guided tour of Mystic, Stonington or Noank, please contact [email protected] the founder of Mystic Revealed.