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Local guide, local tours, local culture…..experiencing the new

Not everyone likes to travel. Some crave the familiarity of their own town, their own home, their own bed, their own friends, and their own food. They find new things stressful. The culture of ‘home’ is plenty. I get it. That’s a thing. Some days I feel that way. But more often I crave the adventure of immersing in a new local culture.

To the curious who travel, there’s a thrill to experiencing the unfamiliar….and a high that comes from seeing the world from a different angle.

A walking tour, a history tour, or a food tour here in Mystic is the gateway to a local culture you may not be familiar with. The country is America, the region is New England, the sub-region is Southeast Connecticut, and the true local sub-culture is coastal Mystic River. Like in any true local sub-culture from Mumbai to Paris to Brooklyn, things the locals take for granted are miraculous new gems to a first time visitor. Examples here:

• Aged colorful lobster pot buoys hanging from sheds, fences and pilings
• Osprey nests to house our magnificent aquatic birds of prey
• Working oystermen plying the waters at the mouth of the river
• Seagulls swooping between wooden masts and rigging
• Lonely widows-walks atop ancient mariners’ homes
• Fresh caught local seasonal seafood

The little things that a local walks by every day (and takes for granted) can be treasures to a visitor who understands their context, their background and their place in the local culture. Join us!

For a unique walking tour, food tour, historic tour or guided tour of Mystic, Stonington or Noank, please contact [email protected] the founder of Mystic Revealed.