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Mystic walking tours include the Mayflower?

Yes, the Mayflower (II) is in Mystic.  Why?  Because the Mystic Seaport Museum has an elite wooden shipbuilding center that was chosen to prepare the Mayflower for its 400 year birthday sail!

In case you forget your middle school history, the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth in the fall of 1620.

Next year in 2020, the 400 year anniversary of the sailing of the Mayflower will be celebrated by the launch of the Mayflower II and its return to Plymouth.

In 1957, a close replica of the original Mayflower was built in England and sailed to the U.S.   The Mayflower II was built using traditional methods and eventually settled in Plymouth.  Repairs became necessary to prepare it for 2020 and the Mystic Seaport Museum was chosen.  For the last few years it was “under wraps” during restoration, today it is visible, and being readied for a September 7 launch.

Side note:  The 1620 Pilgrims formed the original Plymouth Colony, but 10 years later a larger group led by John Winthrop settled in Boston and formed the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  Around 1654, colonists from Mass Bay arrived and settled original homesteads here in the Mystic area.

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