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Schooner Wharf – walking guided tours get you off the beaten path

If you’ve traveled, and you’ve told people you’re from Mystic, you have probably heard something like “…oooh, have you had Mystic Pizza?,,,”, or “…oooh I love all those shops on the highway…”, or “…ooh, do you live near the Aquarium?…”   OK, yes those things are Mystic and we’re glad to have them, but there is so much more if a visitor is willing to take the time.  We started a walking tour, guided tour and food tour business for just this reason.

Mystic doesn’t seem big enough to have neighborhoods, but it does.  There’s a definite downtown, and once you pass over the bridge going east, there is Holmes street, named after a truly badass war hero named Jeremiah Holmes (Battle of Stonington, Battle of Fort Rachel).  75 yards up Holmes Street is Schooner Wharf, technically #14 & 15  Holmes St.   Yes, there is a wharf, with cool wooden boats (usually even a schooner), but there is also a bunch more.

With apologies to Brooklyn, I would like to re-name Schooner Wharf DUMBO (Down Under Mystic Bridge Over there).  Like DUMBO in New York, Schooner Wharf is eclectic, funky, trendy and just a damn cool spot.

After photographing the wooden boats, the bridge and the Seaport from unique angles you can amble through an amazing marine consignment store, get your hair cut, buy yarn, get a shot of Real McCoy rum in a converted Diesel engine factory, visit a cool gift shop, rent a kayak, eat a lemon tart, drink a smoothie…..and more.  All in basically one square block.  Stand by for reviews of other neighborhoods in Mystic (we also have an ‘Uptown’, a ‘West village’, a SOHO,  and even a Hell’s Kitchen)….but you gotta be walking to find them.

For a unique walking tour, food tour, historic tour or guided tour of Mystic, Stonington or Noank, please contact [email protected] the founder of Mystic Revealed.


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