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The Hurricane of ’38

81 years ago on September 21st, 1938 the most devastating natural disaster in U.S. history struck Southeast Connecticut, Rhode Island, Long Island and broad swaths of Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire.  Mystic locals still tell passed down stories of the storm that transformed a region and took almost 700 lives. From the book Sudden Sea, The Great Hurricane of 1938″ by R.A. Scott:

“…hurricanes attack with 3 weapons: swirling winds….heavy rain….huge waves. The Great Hurricane of ’38 had a fourth weapon: surprise…..

Rampaging through 7 states in 7 hours, at two o’clock the swath of coastline from Cape May to Maine was one of the wealthiest and most populous in the world. By evening, it would be desolate….”

The devastation was staggering

93,000 families suffered property loss, 20,000 buildings were wrecked, 26,000 cars were demolished and entire established coastal communities were completely wiped away. It happened with incredible suddenness, a beautiful morning and a calm evening, with an epic disaster in between. R.A. Scotti’s account gives an overview of the storm but also an intimate look through the eyes of amazing survivor stories.

This is one of the events that has shaped the history of Mystic and surrounding areas, in our local Mystic Tour, you’ll hear more about the devastation and impact of this historic event. Literally everyone one from this area has an impacted family member or a passed-down story about the Great Hurricane of ’38.

For a unique walking tour, food tour, historic tour or guided tour of Mystic, Stonington or Noank, please contact [email protected] the founder of Mystic Revealed.