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Top Mystic attraction that never fails to deliver: The Sky

American impressionist Charles Davis was one of the early artists to discover Mystic, and led the first of several waves that were enthralled with Mystic, Noank and the surrounding areas.  The key attractions of these seacoast villages were the same as they are today:  easy access to New York and Boston, stone walls and rocky coastline, interesting maritime themes and yes, the sky.

The Southeastern Connecticut coast is an undulating series of estuaries, rocky outcroppings, and islands.  This landmass variety,
originally formed by glaciers, impacts water and land temperatures often creating incredible skies.   Artists paint it, photographers shoot it,  tourists admire it —- locals try to maintain awestruck appreciation, even in light of repeated exposure.

Paris-trained Davis started the art colony that eventually became the Mystic Museum of Art, a local treasure.  He was in Paris at at time when artists were getting outdoors and wanting to experience the light in new ways.  Back in the states he discovered Mystic.  If you’re here a for a few days of sunrises and sunsets, you’ll understand why he loved it.

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