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Where else but on a walking tour in Mystic?

In addition to the massive annual Mystic Art Fair — as usual there were plenty of other hidden gems going on in Mystic on the most recent weekend.  Our walking tour stumbled across an amazingly cool obscure event — A “J Boat” regatta featuring 10 foot high, radio-controlled, model sail boats.  These guys were dead serious, I even heard them screaming at each other as they jockeyed for position around the starting line.

Two of the sailors wives joined us on our Mystic Treasures walking and history tour the day before, that’s how I found out about the regatta.  According to Judy and Rebecca, their husbands are both ex-sailors of “real” boats who have now migrated to radio-controlled.  The travel around the country to Regattas and have special trailers to accommodate their radi0-controlled craft.  It takes two guys to launch these model boats.

How cool of the Mystic Seaport Museum to host this event!

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